WWC, a new cover, and a new head shot!

When Words Collide–a Calgary staple for both writers and readers–is over for another year. Had a real blast. There were so many writers from all over the country that I got to catch up with, I barely attended any panels except for the ones I was on! It was all quite wonderful!

One of the surprising bits was catching up with all the Edmonton writers, who, because I’m housebound (well, mostly) most of the time, I don’t get out to see. Yes. We need to do coffee, while we’re in Edmonton. Really!

Drowning in Amber didn’t win the Aurora for Best Novel, drat anyhow, but A Daughter of No Nation did. Congratulations to  A.M. Dellamonica, and to the rest of the winners! (Here’s the list.) And the banquet was a lot of fun–and the food! Excellent!

When I got back home, I was delighted to see that the cover for my newest book, Stalking the Dead, was done!

StalkingTheDead_front1 small

Seriously love it! My thanks to the artist, Guillem Mari, and to Lucia Starkey for putting the cover together. You guys rock!

And then I got really brave and had a new head shot done. Here it is! Ryan Parker of PK Photography–you made me look great! Thank you so much! (If you are in Edmonton, and need a head shot done, look him up. He is fantastic to work with–and that is big time praise, because I hate having my picture taken!)

E Headshot, screenshotNow, if I can just remember how to change my photo on this website, I’ll be golden! Ha!