When Words Collide, 2016

I’ve been gone a long time, what with writing and editing and re-editing and whatnot. However, I will be at When Words Collide in Calgary, this weekend.

If you’re there, here is where I’ll be. Hope to see you!

Friday, August 12

Friday 4 PM – Kananaskis 1 Giving a Great Reading E.C. Bell & Jayne Barnard An interactive workshop providing pointers for doing a great reading. Bring a page of your work to practice with.

Friday 5 PM – Parkland-Bonavista-Willow Park Ghost of a Chance E.C. Bell, Mark Leslie (Lefebvre), Laini Giles, S.G. Wong (PM) Authors share ghost stories, real and imagined, and how ghosts figure in their respective works. Why do ghosts hold such appeal for people in general—and for writers, in particular? Is a marathon binge of Ghost Hunters required—or will a wild imagination do? What are the conventions surrounding the paranormal phenomenon of ghosts? Do rules apply at all when writing ghosts? Our panel offers opinions and experiences on this and more.

Saturday, August 13

Saturday 12 PM – Fireside Tyche Books Presents M.D. Curelas, Patricia Flewwelling, H. Leighton Dickson, Tim Reynolds, Simon Rose, Christopher Hoare, Lucia Starkey, Karley Hauser, Axel Howerton, E.C. Bell Tyche Books introduces new books for 2016. Join the editors and attending authors for teasers readings and Q&A.

Autograph Session List: On Saturday evening (8-10 PM) we will be holding an autograph session in the hotel ballroom.

Saturday 10 PM (‘til late) – The Post-Apocalyptic Four Party Ryan T. McFadden, E.C. Bell, Randy McCharles, Billie Milholland, Chadwick Ginther Hang out with the Apocalyptic Four (authors of Women of the Apocalypse, The Puzzle Box, and The 10th Circle Project) & friends. Find out what trouble they’ve been up to lately.

Sunday, August 14

Sunday 10 AM – Bonavista Alternating History with Story – Take 2 E.C. Bell, A. David Singh, R.J.Hore, Rissa Johnson Authors of alternate history novels talk shop. How do they do their research? How much do they research? When do they know when to stop? Why did they choose to create an alternate history? Why not just use real history? What is “real” history, anyway? There are many aspects to creating a world just this side of alternative. Our authors explore as many as they can during this discussion panel.

Sunday 1 PM – Parkland Writing Canadian Mysteries Joan Donaldson-Yarmey, Wayne Arthurson, Donna McMahon, and me! Writing a mystery set in Canada. How important is the setting to a novel? What are the pros and cons re policing/ readers etc.

There is much much more to be seen, done, and experienced, including the Aurora Awards. It’s gonna be fun!