When Words Collide 2013 — In A Word? Fantastic!

I know I know. Saying that WWC 2013 was the best conference (oops, sorry, festival) I have attended in a long time might seem a bit over the top. What if I said it was the best I’ve ever attended? Would you think I’m pulling your leg? (Or some other part of your anatomy?)

Well, I’m not.

When Words Collide — a Festival of words based in Calgary Alberta — was the best I’ve ever attended. So many old friends to catch up with — and so many new friends to meet. I think that might have been the best part for me. The all genre configuration makes it almost impossible NOT to meet new and interesting people. I was lucky enough to find — and hang around with — writers of Paranormal fiction of all sorts. A shout out to Avery OliveNola Sarina, Emily Faith and SG Wong — it was great to meet you! Oh, and Sandra? Next year we’re going to book the whole restaurant. No more “just dropping by” with 45 of our closest friends.

Old friends? There were so many, I didn’t have a chance to REALLY talk to everyone. Chad Ginther (hanging out in the hallways at those parties!) Sherry Peters (hanging around inside those parties!), Susan Forest, Gerald Brandt, Robert J Sawyer, Adria Laycraft (and her fantastic anthology Urban Green Man, which launched there) Barb Galler-Smith — when is your Edmonton launch of “Warriors”?  Ann Marston– Breakfast next time, okay? Margaret Curelas (Tyche Press) So glad we got to “grab a bite.” I was starving, and your daughter was adorable. Overtired, but adorable!

Janice MacDonald and her husband, Randy — definitely, we need to share a meal before our launch in Edmonton. And#yegwrites? A Fantastic idea!!!  Diane Walton and Jen LaFace, managing editor and go-to person (read business manager) for On Spec) — so glad we were able to talk a little bit, and so looking forward to Pure Spec 2013.

Susan MacGregor — your book “The Tattooed Witch” looks great. I can hardly wait to read it! Nicole Luiken — I love the look of “Angel Eyes.” And next time, we’ll book the whole restaurant, so you can actually eat your meal before you have to run to your panel! (Oh, and I think I caught your cold. So much for “no hugs.”)

Charles Prepolec and Jeff Campbell — That was an almost unbelievable story about your Challenger anthology! Brian Hades and the EDGE crew — thanks for seling the heck out of our book, and for all the help at our launch. What a great time!

All right, that has to be enough for a while. There were so many wonderful people, and far too little time. I haven’t even mentioned our launch.

Puzzlebox launch, WWC 2013


puzzle box launch, Calgary 2013 -2


The pictures (thanks to Billie Milholland’s camera and Brian Hades’ camerawork) tell the tale. We had a riot — and no-one ate the puzzles, even though they did look like candy.



Oh! Last, but definitely not least! Billie Milholland — thanks for everything, including the “What IS that smell?” game we played every time we rolled down the window on the way home. And to Randy McCharles–what can I say, man? You throw a hell of a party!