Wee Book Inn and Hitting the Bestseller’s List

This was a good weekend, what can I say?  We had the opportunity to do a book signing at Wee Book Inn on Whyte, and it was great!  Got some flowers (thanks Sharlene, they are beautiful!) and had the opportunity to meet a bunch of really nice people, some of whom bought our book.  Gotta love it.

Dogs and flowers and friends, oh my!

Dogs and flowers and friends, oh my!

Manager Dave and the rest of the staff were great.  We hung around listening to great music and enjoying the vibe of the place — talked about how nice it would be to write there.  Then Dave mentioned that they’re thinking of setting up a coffee shop upstairs!  Yeah!  That would be perfect!  I’d never leave!

The next day got a phone call from Roxanne.  We’d made it into the Calgary Herald Bestsellers list!  That was so very cool!