Tying the Knot Virtual Book Tour

Well, here’s me trying something new! And here’s your chance to find out everything (not really, but close!) about me, read some excerpts from Tying the Knot, and celebrate another launch!

May 10: Rogues and Angels  http://roguesangels.blogspot.com

May 11: Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews   https://lisahaselton.com/blog/

May 12: Long and Short Reviews  http://www.longandshortreviews.com

May 13: Welcome to my World of Dreams  http://www.jhthomas.blogspot.com

May 14: Kit & Kabookie  https://kitnkabookle.com

May 17:  The Key of Love   http://blog.danitaminnis.com/

May 17: Westveil Publishing https://www.westveilpublishing.com

May 18: C.A. Milson  http://authorcamilson.wordpress.com/

May 19: Fabulous and Brunette https://fabulousandbrunette.blogspot.com

May 20: Novels Alive http://novelsalive.com

May 21: All the Ups and Downs  https://alltheupsandowns.blogspot.com/