Thinking like Nazi Germany…

The Apocalyptic Four were at the Stony Plain Public Library on December 2nd, for a book sale and meet and greet.  What a lot of fun it was! However….

I got there early, and went in to do a little pre set up set up.  You know, check out the lay of the land, and see how best to take advantage of our space.  (We had 6 foot Ryan coming, and were doing a bit of Christmas theme, so wanted to make certain it would all look wonderful.)

The space we were assigned was not wonderful.  Not even close.  We were off in a small room away from the main library — and we had been given a foot of space on a counter.  There were four other authors designated for the same counter…. We did not have enough room!

So, I went and found the woman running the show — her first name is Joan, (I will get her last name and particulars later) of perhaps I should say Long Suffering Joan — and asked her if we could move to a table, explaining that there were three humans and one cardboard cutout in our group.  She was accommodating, and found us a space at a table.  Still in the small room, but we thought we could make do.

Roxanne and Billie showed up — and we set up.  Looked pretty nice, if I do say so myself!  We had decided to sell both our anthologies (Seven Deadly Sins, the flash fiction anthology, and Women of the Apocalypse, our novella anthology) as a package deal, with a Christmas bag to wrap them in.  Yes!  Sin and the Apocalypse for Christmas!  Nothing like it.

I decided to trundle out and see what was happening in the main area of the library, because I was still feeling like we were sitting at the kid’s table at a Christmas meal.  And I saw that they had set up more tables — and that there was a space at the end of one of the tables.

So I set out to find Long Suffering Joan.  Wheedled and whined until she said OK.  (I think she was tired of my face, but whatever…) And then went in, scooped up my compatriots and all our finery, and set up out in the big room.  Just like the adults!

After that foray, I stopped.  No more room needed.  We had a good spot, got our names (and maybe even a picture) in the local newspaper, and sold a good number of books.  And had a lot of fun!

I think this was an excellent idea, and will push to do this again. We had the opportunity to talk to some locals, plus meet some wonderful local writers.

And maybe we need to think about going to other libraries in small towns around Edmonton… after all, who doesn’t need more room?