The Edmonton launch was a success!

We baked (not really, we had wonderful volunteers) we organized, we had nightmares, and we did it!  The Edmonton launch of Women of the Apocalypse went off without a hitch. (Well, there were hitches.  But that is a series of stories for another day!)

We decided to have a slightly different type of launch this time — so we had a drop in event that ran from 11 to 3.  This went extremely well.  We writers actually had time to talk to all the people who showed up to wish us well and buy our books, and that was was wonderful. We only did one “presenting the authors” and “reading” — and the reading wasn’t even from our book! — but no-one seemed to miss it.  I’d rather throw a party than a book reading anyhow, so it worked out very well for me!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Jessica (daughter) and Russell (friend of daughter) for all their help.  Jess kept me organized, focussed, hydrated, and even managed to feed me something before the festivities started! Russell put in a hard couple of hours helping us set up, then had to dash off to his own life.  Didn’t even get to eat any cake! (And it was good.  You really missed something, Russell.)  He had a kitten to pick up, though, and couldn’t stick around.  (I wonder if it has a name yet?)

I was happy to see Brian and Anita Hades at the launch.  (Brian is the publisher, and Anita is fantastic wife of publisher.)  I hope we made you proud!  And to my writing group, Cult of Pain (really.  That’s the name.) it was wonderful to see so many of you there supporting us.  Hope you liked the cake! Many thanks to Jen Leface and Diane Walton from On Spec.  It was great to see you! Thanks to Herman Lau, our wonderful artist, for being there. Thanks to Dave Gross, Merna Summers and all the rest of the writing community who came out to celebrate with us.  I will let Roxanne and Billie thank their people themselves, but from me — thank you.  You made our day fantastic!

Because I’m pathetic about things like this, I will have to wait until one of my partners sends me some photos before I can post anything here.  However, I have a feeling they will be up on our Women… website very soon, so check there.

And Ryan never looked taller!  (Now you’ll HAVE to go our website to see what the heck I’m talking about!)