The countdown continues…

We are scrambling to get everything done before we leave for San Jose and we are all starting to lose our minds, just a little.

Just a little.  Ha!  That’s a laugh.  I have a tic in my eye — haven’t had that since my last round of final exams for university… and that was a million years ago.  I keep checking the weather for San Jose, expecting it to change — but the temperature is hanging at about 26 degrees C.  Does this mean I have to dig out clothes I haven’t worn in a month or more? Go buy new ones?  Wear my winter clothes and sweat blood the whole time I’m there?  What DOES this mean, exactly?

See?  See?? I’m losing my mind.  I’ve decided to panic about the weather, because I can’t do much more.  Most of the invitations are out for our Edmonton and Calgary launches.  I have been contacting people who are going to be at the World Fantasy Convention, to tell them about THAT launch.  We have books in Audrey’s Bookstore in Edmonton, and have a book signing set up at the Wee Book Inn in Edmonton on November 21st.  (This is one of their first book signings, so please show up!  Dave the manager will be so pleased!)

I have finally figured out how to link my website to the “Women of the Apocalypse” website — so if you can’t make it to any of our launches/book signings/ etc, please feel free to order the book online. (Ryan will be pleased.)

Last week, I couldn’t connect with anyone.  I’d email people, and the emails would bounce back as undeliverable, even if I’d used that self same email the week before, with success.  I couldn’t even get hold of my hairdresser — believe it or not, I got their answering machine on a Monday morning.  And they did not call me back!  It felt like I had been disconnected from the world!  That part is better now (hair appointment set, emails being answered) but it was a horrible feeling, thinking I had somehow done something to tick off the whole Universe — and the whole Universe was snubbing me.

I am no longer being snubbed by the Universe — but I feel like I have to run to catch up.  All those connections that weren’t made last week need to be made this week, before I leave for San Jose.

And I still don’t know what I’m going to wear!