The Bony Blithe Award…

Here’s the deal. Dying on Second, the fourth book in my Marie Jenner Mystery Series, won the Bony Blithe. That’s the Bloody Words Light Mystery Award! And… that is fantastic!

So, what IS the Bony Blithe award, anyhow?

“The Bloody Words Light Mystery Award (AKA the Bony Blithe) is an annual juried literary prize for a “book that makes us smile.” The book can be a print or an e-book, submitted by the publisher or the author, published in the previous year. The award is open to books published between January 1 and December 31, 2017. Self-published books are included. All novels must be a minimum of 60,000 words. The author must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. No YA or noir.” (From the Bony Blithe website.)

The prize is a cash award and a wonderful (“suitably magnificent” as Caro says) award.

It was presented at the Bloody Words Mini Con in Toronto this past weekend.

The Mini Con was a delightful day of panels and hanging around with all the wonderful people from Toronto.

Panels included “Sex and the Saucy bits,” “Killing them softly,” “Sleuths and sidekicks,” and “Woof! Meow! Oink!” (Seriously. You should have been there!)

Mythhawker Booksellers was there with all our books. (And me with the tiniest suitcase in the history of the world…) Pat Flewwelling (love seeing my Tyche twin) and Tyche author Jane Glatt and I hung out.

 I think we should all use this as our author photo. Don’t you?

 As you can see from the “finalists’ photo”  I was up against some heavy hitters in Canadian light mystery. Included are, Cathy Ace, Rickie Blair, Elizabeth J Duncan and Vicki Delaney.  (Plus the wonderful Caro Soles )

They might be heavy hitter, but every one of them were wonderful, warm, and inviting. (So read their books!)

And here I was, looking just about as shocked as I felt…

In truth, I was so shocked, I didn’t even say a proper thank you. Just ran to my chair to figure it all out. So… Here’s the thank you I would have said, if I’d had my wits about me.

Thank you to Caro and Cheryl Freedman for all their hard work and for a wonderful day. Thank you to the judges, for choosing the story about a tough young woman from Edmonton and a softball team of ghosts. Thank you to Tyche Books for taking a chance on this weird cross genre series that just won’t fit comfortably into any niche. And thank you to Rhonda Parrish, my editor. She keeps me honest, and helps me make the words sing!

For all you writers out there, if this nice little one day mini con with lots of great information in an intimate setting looks like something you’d like–here’s the Bony Blithe link. And for all of you who have light mysteries–enter. You never know!

So, how did I get that wonderful (framed) award home in my much-too-small suitcase? And how did I deal with the stinkiest hotel room in Toronto? These are questions you can ask me at the next Bloody Words Mini Con. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!