Some cool photos of the weekend and beyond

Hi ho.  Things got a little crazy here, so instead of blathering on about my adventures in Winnipeg, today I will post some wonderful pictures.  Enjoy!!

The Aurora Winners

McNally Robinson, Winnipeg

Close up of the winners

The Apocalyptic Four

The Apocalyptic Four with their Aurora

Billie, Ryan and myself with Brian Hades, our publisher

And here we are with our publisher, Brian Hades, at the Auroras!

The top two were sent to me by Chadwick Ginther, from McNally Robinson.  Thanks, Chadwick.

The second last one was taken by one of Billie’s workmates, and sent to me by Billie.  Thank you!

The last one was taken by my friend Barb Galler Smith at the Auroras.  Thanks, Barb.

I will post more as I get them, and I will continue to tell the story of Winnipeg, a bit at a time.  But tomorrow, Billie and I are off to Mountain View County, where we will be doing a presentation at the Word in the West Literacy Festival.  We expect to have a bunch of fun, are looking forward to it!

See?  The fun never stops!  I just forget to post about it, sometimes!