So, how did it go at When Words Collide?

In a word — fantastically!  I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun/hard work at a con, but the hard work was definitely worth it — and the fun speaks for itself.

The hard work was a 2 day writing workshop, put on by IFWA (a HUGE speculative fiction writing group based in Calgary) and hosted by Walter Jon Williams, and then a launch and 3 panels at the con itself.

Reminder to self:  Don’t ever agree to 3 panels when I’m also involved in a launch.  My focus was definitely on the launch — and my exhaustion on Sunday made me less than useful in the panels. Luckily the other panelists carried the ball and the people who attended were given some very good information, so it worked out.  But still… Must remember this.

A bit about the When Words Collide 2011 con: This overview is pretty accurate, even though the reporter kept calling it a Sci Fi/Fantasy con.  It wasn’t.  It was aimed at all genres — which was the wonderful thing about it.  It was a chance for writers and readers of ALL genres to come together, learn a bit about the other genres, and have a good time.

As far as I can tell, everyone had a great time.  True, it was a little hot (ha! A little?) in the hotel, but other than that, it was extremely well organized and well run, which made it a dream for both writers and readers. Kudos to Randy McCharles and the rest of the committee.  You did a fantastic job!

I heard a wonderful story about two young women coming to the library on Thursday evening to hear Rachel Caine (one of the guests of honour) read — and getting so excited by what they heard at the reading (it wasn’t just Rachel Caine.  Robert J Sawyer, Jack Whyte, Walter Jon Williams and Erika Holt all read from their work) that they registered for the con and went both days, enjoying the panels and everything else immensely.  How wonderful is that?

The launch of our newest project, “The 10th Circle” went fantastically. (Actually, this was a prelaunch celebration — the actual launch is September 1st.) As promised, there was cake — and everybody who wanted it got a pin (an actual straight pin with a coloured bead at one end, isn’t that cute?) plus a pin number for a sneak peak at “The First Circle”, which will be the first ebook in a 10 ebook series.  They also got a sneak peek at the Hope and Glory newspapers.  (Hope and Glory are two city states in the shared world of the 10th Circle.)

If you’re intrigued, and want to know more — go to the 10th Circle website and sign up.  All will be revealed — on September 1st!  (Don’t you wish you went to When Words Collide now?  You’d already know!)

It was also wonderful to have the anthology “Evolve 2: Vampire Stories of the Future Undead” available at the Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing table — plus readings.  I have a story (“V-Link”) in it — and had the chance to feel like a bit of a celebrity while I was signing books and having my photo taken.  (I could almost get used to that!)

I wish I could report that I’ve been lazing around recovering since I got home — but  I haven’t.  What I HAVE been doing is fodder for another post — but wow, I can hear my bed calling me!  If only the to-do list wasn’t quite so long!  Maybe next week, I’ll rest.

Or in a year and a half, when the 10th Circle project is complete.

Or maybe not.  I’m tired, but I am having so much fun!

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