September — even better than summer!

I love September in Alberta. It’s like the gods of weather saying, “All right, enough dicking with you, weatherwise.  As your reward, we give you September, in all its glory!

OK, so maybe that’s a little over the top, but I do like this month.  It reminds me of working the fields with Dad when I was growing up.  September was always frantic but beautiful, with the huge screaming blue sky and the acres of crops and us scrambling to get everything done before time ran out and winter set in again. School was an afterthought, something we did until we could get home and work the fields.


The character I’m writing about right now has never been on a farm, much less worked one.  She had a crappy life – and is now being dealt a crappy (but eventful) death, thanks to yours truly.  I wish I could figure out how to give her one day out in the sun, working the fields.  She understands working hard to get what you want. (All right, so she’s a career criminal, but whatever. She does work hard at her craft. Trust me, I know!)  I think she might even like it!

She’s not going to get it, though.  I can just tell.

(Just so you know,  I’m working on a story for The 2nd Circle, the second edition of The 10th Circle Project, which will be out in November of 2011.  See you then!)