Seeing the Light


Marie Jenner has never had much luck. Her job sucks. Her apartment — the one with the unbreakable lease — has a ghost. And worst of all, her mother won’t let up about her joining the “family business.” Since that business is moving the spirits of the dead on to the next plane of existence and doesn’t pay at all, Marie’s not interested. She wants a normal job — a normal life. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Apparently, it is. Even when she applies for the job of her dreams, Marie doesn’t get what she wants. Well, not entirely. She does get the job — but she also gets another ghost. Farley Hewitt, the newly dead caretaker of the building, wants her to prove his death is not an accident, and she’s pretty sure he’s going to haunt her until she does.

All she wants is normal. She isn’t going to get it.


Seeing the Light is a terrific read, and its wholly believable speculative filter on everyday Edmonton is a treat. You’ll be wondering whom you might have walked through for days.

Janice MacDonald, author of the Randy Craig Mystery series.

E.C. Bell’s down-on-her-luck heroine is a bright new light in Canada’s genre fiction scene. This enchanting debut is a little bit fantasy, a little bit mystery, and a whole lot of awesome.

Chadwick Ginther, author of “The Thunder Road” Trilogy

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