Seeing the Light–my baby’s almost here!

A box of my books will be arriving at my house next week. I thought it wouldn’t happen until the end of October–but I just received word that the books are on their way. (The baby’s early. What can I say?)

Things are getting real here, folks. In a few days, I’m going to be holding my book in my hands, for the first time.

I’m prepared for the arrival. I have set up launches, and readings, and am (deeply) involved in Pure Spec, Edmonton’s scifi fantasy con. Online, I’m doing a couple of guest blogging gigs, and have set up a Goodreads giveaway. (Link below) I tweet, and facebook. I remind people (gently) that my book is available for pre order. I squeal in delight every time I find out the book will be coming out in a different edition — ebook, print, audio, and now it’s being translated into French. Oh, and did I mention that it’s going to be a series? Well, it is. (! What can I say? My publisher rocks!)

My calendar is filling up, fast. Nearly every day in October and November, I am doing something to promote my brand new book. (You will soon be able to see where I’ll be, on the “Appearances” page. I’m updating it, next.)

However, next week, a box of my books will be delivered to my house. This story, that I held in my head (ad on the computer scree) for years. Wisps of plot and character, like mist and cobwebs, so tenuous and frail that sometimes I was afraid to look at it too long, for fear of destroying it with my gaze,. Finally, it is concrete, physical. Something really real, that I can finally touch. It’ll be holding my dreams in my hands.

All right, I know that once the novel’s published, it’s product. Something to be sold. But for that one minute, it’ll be like holding my baby for the first time.

I’ve decided I’ll be drinking champagne, that day, and it might even be a bottle of the good stuff!


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2 thoughts on “Seeing the Light–my baby’s almost here!

  1. Katie Bickell

    How exciting Eileen! Congratulations. I enjoyed the “sneak peek” (sneak listen?”) of the book at the Glass Door Reading Series and can’t wait to read the whole thing. And well done on the series!
    All the best,

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