Promotion Experiment — The Fussy Librarian

Today’s the day! I’m actually trying some online promotion. After going through Anne R Allen’s blogpost about how to sell books online — and having a bit of a cry about the relative uselessness of launches and all that other face to face stuff, I decided to try one of the promotion tools she mentioned. Using The Fussy Librarian.

This is a website dedicated to matching readers with ebooks, and it seems like a wonderful idea. As an author, I was able to locate my readership, and focus my hard earned cash to reach out to them, specifically. (This site is a bit like Bookbub, but more focused, and MUCH less expensive.)

So, today’s the day that Seeing the Light is being promoted. On their website, and to the readers (via email) who are looking for a book a lot like mine!

I’ll see how this experiment works out. Since this is my first try, I’m not expecting anything big, but if I see any results, I’ll let you know. (Fingers crossed!)

Oh, and if you haven’t yet bookmarked Anne R Allen’s blog–do so. It has so much good, hands on information on the business of writing, you could spend days there! (And probably should!)