Keycon, and who I saw…

Keycon, that wonderful Winnipeg sci fi fantasy and everything between convention, is over for another year.

We (meaning the Apocalyptic Four) were at this convention last year, because this was where the Auroras were held.  (You all remember the Auroras, right?  And my mom and aunt coming?  And all the fan boys LOVING my party-going aunt?)  It was the first Keycon for all of us, and since we had so much fun, we decided to come back this year.

Well, it worked out that only I was able to attend, and I was a bit nervous, to be honest.  I couldn’t remember much about the con (being honest again) past having tons of fun and running full tilt for the full three days.  Since I was not on any panels this year, I was going to just be an attendee.  I was hoping to get a different perspective on it, and I did, sort of.

But first, the name dropping:

My friend Barb Galler-Smith (who launched her new book Captives earlier this year) was the Editor Guest of Honour, and she worked from sun up to sunset (and beyond) the full three days.  I’m going to have to have coffee with her sometime soon so we can talk!

Robert J Sawyer was there, on another leg of his WWW round the world tour.  That man has more energy than any three of us, I’m sure.  Had a couple of breakfasts with him, and caught up.  That was nice.  Also caught a panel he was on — and that was massively informative. (I’ll talk about it later.)  He sure knows his stuff.

L.E. Modesitt Jr. Was the Author Guest of Honour, and I was lucky enough to talk to him many times over the weekend, plus have supper with both he and Barb on Saturday.  Yep, scored big that night!  Sharing a table with two of the three Guests of Honour! (I was actually surprised that either of them had the time to take a full meal.  I’d seen their schedules.  They worked HARD all weekend.)

Ann Marston and Diane Walton were there, selling On Spec and Pure Speculations (Edmonton’s sci fi fantasy festival).  When I go for coffee with Barb, I’ll be sure to invite Diane and Ann too!  Hardly had a chance to chat all weekend.

Got together with Karen Dudley (mystery writer turned fantasy writer) Chadwick Ginther (McNally Robinson plus fantasy writer — everybody seems to have two or three hats!), Derryl Murphy (his book Napier’s Bones is making waves everywhere) and Shen Braun (who looks like the devil, ha ha).  Over breakfast talked about the business of writing.  That and Facebook.  Found out Gerald Brandt actually tried the deep fried salad (I kid you not)! Missed Sherry Peters’ workshop”Silencing your inner sabateur” but did get to chat with her a couple of times.  And finally, got to meet Craig Russell, a Manitoba writer whose book “The Black Bottle Man” is up for an Aurora this year.  This man can sell like no-one I’ve ever met before!  He actually sold almost all of “Women of the Apocalypse” that MacNally had at their table!  I’m going to take lessons from him, I swear!  I bought his book (of course) and started to read it.  It is good!  When I’m finished, I’ll tell you about it.  But not now. Later.

That’s enough name dropping for now.  I still have to unpack my suitcase and get some words written today.  Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the lessons I learned….

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