J — Jokes

I can’t tell a joke to save my life, but when my husband was courting me (heh! Couldn’t think of a more old fashioned word than that!) and we’d run into those small pockets of uncomfortable silence as each of us tried desperately to think of something to say — he would throw in a joke. And I’d laugh, even if I didn’t think it was that funny.  (He was cute. What can I say?)

Over the course of those first months, I heard a lot of jokes.  He told them very well.  Good timing, and an excellent delivery.  And he was cute, which definitely didn’t hurt!

Then my sister and I decided to do a little upgrading. (It was funny. When I was in high school all I wanted to do was get out.  Almost immediately upon getting out, though, I started upgrading, so I could go to university.)  We took a biology course, and for some reason, we were surrounded by a whole bunch of guys, who needed to take Biology 30 to further their own careers.

We were youngish and cute, and so when we were having coffee, they’d end up at our table.  One of those awkward silences hit — and one of THEM decided to tell a joke.  And I, being the bad ass I was, told the punch line.

I got big laughs by stealing this guy’s thunder.  He told another one. I knew the punchline to that one too.  Another guy got in on the fun — but I knew that one too.  In fact, there was not one joke that they could come up with that I did not know the punchline to.  I became a teeny bit of a legend in that class — and it was all because of my husband.

So I married him.  Hey, you don’t find a guy how can help propel you to legend status often, now do you?

Can I remember any of those jokes anymore?  Not one.  But I bet I’d remember the punchline!

5 thoughts on “J — Jokes

  1. Hart

    Oh, this was so cute! What a great story. My stepdad is a joke-teller–very skilled at it. His latest trend is forgetfulness jokes and they are pretty hysterical.

  2. Eileen Post author

    Thanks, Hart. Glad you dropped by — I went to your blog, and your dog Joel? Cute as anything! Glad you “gave ” the J day to him!

  3. Arlee Bird

    I can’t tell jokes very well either. I tend not to remember them and if I do remember it I usually tell it wrong. My father used to love to tell jokes. When we were kids he’d often tell us the same jokes over and over again and we always laughed because he told them funny.

    Having a spouse with a good sense of humor is pretty important I think.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Lynn

    Good to know. Because I never remember the punch line, you’d be perfect around me when telling a joke. Very cute post!

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