I’m Back!

Took a small (!) break from almost all things online, in order to regroup and rethink.  Decided to change the look of my website (it felt a bit like changing my wardrobe!) to honour the restart.  Most of you won’t see much of a difference, (like my wardrobe, which is mostly black!) but I can, and, as you know, I am what counts!

Recently, I have been doing some “research” regarding blogs.  I put research in quotes, because what I did mostly was check out blogs willy nilly, as I came to them, to see what interested me about them.  One of the things that I found would bring me back to a blog was (of course) the voice of the blogger.  Plus the information offered.  Plus the blogger speaking on a variety of subjects.  That last bit surprised me, to be honest.  I thought I wanted to read about writing or be entertained, but realized quite quickly that what I wanted to see was other stuff.  How people stay sane in this business.  Stay healthy.  Stay focused.  And what other things they are interested in.  So, I decided I would add some of this to my own blog, to see if I can generate some discussion.  Hey, I can’t be the only one, right?  Right???

None the less, I am glad to be back.  I have lots to tell you, and will, in the coming weeks.  Right now, though, I have to go and update some of the pages on this website — because things have been happening, and I haven’t been keeping up.