Happy New Year!

2014 is done. Finished. Kaput! I spent the evening watching the first three episodes of The Wire (because…well, The Wire!) and then three episodes of season two of The Newsroom. Gave the dogs smooches at midnight, because Hubby was snoozing. (We’ll save the champagne for another day, I guess!)

All in all, 2014 was a good year. I signed two contracts (for the first and second novels in my mystery series, so yay for that!), launched a novel, and got the second book to my publisher for 2015, did some serious editing (for money, and for karma) and managed to get the bones of my third novel down, just under the wire.

Now, 2015 awaits. I’ll take down the decorations, try to clean up all the needles from the tree, and promise (again) to keep my house cleaner, so I don’t find so many dust bunnies under absolutely everything when I do this next year.

Then, I’ll get back to work. I’ve got a novel and a short story to write. I have to prep for a quick trip to Winnipeg (six days and counting) and my first ever face to face meeting with a book club. I have to learn how online sales work, and try to help my wonderful publisher get the word out. I have to pull together some of my other writing, and self publish them. (Apparently, it’s all about having lots of work out there, just in case a reader likes something of mine that they’ve read. So, I’m going to try that, too.)

To be honest, looks like a lot of work–but that’s what good years are built around. So now I’ll go and take a couple more photos of this year’s tree before I dismantle it. I’ll probably use my new camera (yay!!!) and they probably won’t be great, because I need to learn how to use the camera, too. (Another learning curve!)

Oh, and I’m going to take an online private investigator’s course. Did I mention that? (After all, if Marie’s going to learn how to do this PI thing, it’s pretty important that I do, too.)

So, Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2015 is kind to you and yours.


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