H is for (you guessed it!) Hockey

Being Canadian, it is almost imperative I talk about hockey somewhere in here.  The thing is, I like hockey, and have for a while.  I’ve never played the game, and it’s probably better I didn’t. (Skating was enough of a challenge for me, without the added pressure of holding a stick, batting around a little black rubber puck, and trying to stay out of the way of everybody else on the ice.)  However, I like to watch it.  A lot.

I didn’t always like it.  Back when I was still living at home (about a million years ago) Dad used to take over the living room every Saturday night to watch Hockey Night in Canada.  We’d all wail when we heard that music, because we knew it would be three hours before we could get the television back.

(I picked this version because the team shown is the early Oilers — and they are the reason I finally fell in love with hockey.  Just so you know.)

I watched the final home game of the boys last night.  Dead last again — but the funny thing is — I see real hope there. Most of the players look like they are about 12, and so many players were hurt this season (again) it was hard to keep up with the replacement players — but when they were on, man it was a lot of fun to watch.

But that final game reminded me of 2006, when they made an unbelievable run for the Stanley Cup — and came within one game of doing it.  That was so cool!

My daughter’s softball season was underway by the time this series started, but we always knew when the Oilers scored, because car and truck horns would start blaring.  So would fire truck sirens — at first I thought the bloody city was burning down! But it wasn’t.  That was the signal for the coach to phone home, get the details, and then stop the game to announce what had just happened.

The boys got a standing ovation from the Oilers fans last night.  You gotta give them credit.  They still show up, in force, even when the team is sucking the hind teat.  But when that team is winning — they are there in force!  And they sing a heck of a good national anthem!


This was sung in game three of that series.  The Oilers were down by 2, and HAD to win this game.  (And they did.  Just so you know!)

Have a good Saturday!



4 thoughts on “H is for (you guessed it!) Hockey

  1. V.R. Leavitt

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I admit I have never been to a hockey game but it seems very exciting and I will definitely get myself to one. Thanks for this post.

  2. Eileen Post author

    And thank you for dropping by MY blog! Hockey can be a bit of an acquired taste — but it is exciting, and (when it’s played right) it can really get your heart racing. Hope you like it!

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