Giftmas 2017

Hi! I’m back from my self imposed exile (I’m writing, what can I say?) to introduce 2017’s Giftmas blog tour. It’s going to be a good one, I can just tell!

Here’s a link to Rhonda Parrish’s blog for an introduction to Giftmas 2017. Look at the prizes! Look at the gifts! Look at the stories of giving and light and on-the-ground superheroes you’ll be able to read about! It is going to be wonderful, and you won’t want to miss a word!

Even Buddy loves Christmas!

Here’s the way blog tour will work:(from Rhonda’s blog) The blog tour runs through December 11th and a whack of fantastic writers and bloggers will be working together to bring you a series of great blog posts, all of which are intended to help shine a light.

  • December 5: Why I give
  • December 6: What I celebrate
  • December 7: Shining a light
  • December 8: Blog exchange. I’m so lucky! Rhonda Parrish will be on my blog that day, and she has a wonderful story to share. (You’ll have to go to her blog to read my post, but I’ll make sure to give you a link.)
  • Dec 11: No capes.

Now, there’s al reason we are doing all this. It’s to raise money for the Edmonton Food Bank. (And yes, I’m stealing from Rhonda’s blog post again!)

The most important part of this whole post, of this whole tour, is this right here:

Donate to the Edmonton Food Bank

Last year we raised $521 so this year our goal is $522!

I’m going to be unrepentantly pushy about that link and here is why — every dollar matters. I’m not exaggerating. Because of their partnerships, bulk-buying and that sort of thing the Edmonton food bank can turn every dollar donated to them into three meals for hungry people. Let me say that one more time:

$1 = 3 meals

Oh, and if you’re American your dollar will stretch even further because all donations made to this fundraiser are in Canadian dollars. At the time of my writing this blog post that means for you every $0.78 = 3 meals.

So if you can manage to donate, even just a dollar, you will have shone a light into three people’s lives. And that ain’t nothin’. And as an added bonus, we’re offering some awesome rewards for your generosity. (Here they are!)

If you can’t donate, you can still help by spreading the word, and we’ll enter you into a draw for some awesome goodies for doing that too!

And here’s where you go for that.

And here’s where you can get fantastic prizes, just for spreading the word about Giftmas 2017

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