Giftmas 2017 – Why I give

Rhonda Parrish (who set up this blog tour) asked each of us to write a paragraph about why we give. Go here to read what we all had to say.

No surprise that Buddy gets food for Christmas!

Here’s mine, if you don’t want to wander so far…

Short answer? Because I have been incredibly lucky most of my life, and this blog tour is one way I can give back. It’s not the only thing I do, but it is special to me, because it happens at Christmas time. I love the trappings, and the baking, and the lights, and the food, and the celebrations I can join around the city if I choose—and did I mention the food? That’s the biggest reason why this blog tour is close to my heart. Food is the lynch pin of all my celebrations around this season, and I can’t imagine not being able to afford it. (Actually, I can, because I wasn’t always lucky. And that’s another reason why I give.)”

My favourite cookbook for Christmas, but trust me, not the only one!




Now, here’s your chance to give… and maybe receive a bunch of really cool gifts!

Fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank

Give what you can, and remember… boosting the signal for this fundraiser helps too!

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