Giftmas 2017 — no capes

All right, look at that! We are at the final day of Giftmas 2017! The last day for you to do that one good thing, and donate to the Edmonton Food Bank.

It’s also the last day for all us writers to tell you the story of our own superheroes. Someone who made our holidays (or a regular day, for that matter) a little more special. Go to Rhonda’s blog to read everybody’s story.

If you’d rather stay here, you can read mine.

Hands down, one of the nicest things anyone ever did for me was when my husband put Christmas lights on the thirty foot evergreen in front of our new-to-us house. My dad used to light up the evergreens on the farm, and I loved how they welcomed us when we drove up the highway to visit at Christmastime. My husband worked long and hard on our tree, and it looked spectacular. It absolutely made my Christmas that year. It also started the Christmas decorating challenge with our next door neighbours, (which they have won for ten years in a row, darn it anyhow) but that is another story.

We don’t decorate that tree any more. It’s grown at least ten feet since we moved in, so my husband can’t DYI a way to get to the top of the thing any longer, but in my heart, it will always have those lights.

I hope you have someone be your uncaped superhero this year–or perhaps, you can be that hero to someone else. And easy way is to donate to the Edmonton Food Bank. Just click the link. It will be live for a few more hours. Every dollar gives someone three meals! So be a hero and give!

The coolest thing happened this year–we’ve surpassed our goal! So, now we have a stretch goal–if we can double the amount we were aiming for, Rhonda will have a wonderful gift for you! (Free ghost stories! I personally love that!)

And don’t forget to join the Rafflecopter thingie. The prizes are amazing, and a hero deserves a prize or two… Don’t they?

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