Getting ready for Christmas…

Here’s the update I promised, oh so long ago. Sorry it took so long, but wow, have I ever been busy!

The launch at Owl’s Nest Books went wonderfully, even though I managed to book it on the first day of the World Fantasy Con, which I figured would pretty much guarantee that most, if not all, of my writing friends would be out of town… Here’s the thing, though. They weren’t, and many of them came to celebrate with me! Plus a fantastic introduction from Eileen, an Owl’s Nest staffer with a really good name–well, it was all too wonderful for words. (Unfortunately, words are all I have, because I don’t have any photos… Sigh.)

Here’s the thing. If you’re a writer and want to launch a book in Calgary, go to Owl’s Nest. They are wonderful!

Next on my list was Pure Spec, Edmonton’s sweet little sci fi and fantasy con. But before that, some other fun!

Karen Dudley, writer and friend, was in town promoting Kraken Bake, so she and I shared a little of the limelight with another event at Audreys Books. A great bunch of people came out, and we had a fantastic time!

I also convinced her to join Janice MacDonald, Candas Jane Dorsey, S.G. Wong and me at a panel discussion held at the Lois Hole Library (and set up by writer in residence Jason Lee Norman). The panel was called “Women writing about women in genre fiction”–and we had people attend! (I was a bit worried, to be honest, because, well, November in Edmonton is not the nicest month of the year!) We didn’t have enough time to discuss everything we wanted to–but there were lots of good ideas whirling around after the event, so watch for them. (I’ll post as many as I can.)

THEN we had Pure Spec. Had a great time, did a bunch of events, including a 25th anniversary party for the On Spec  magazine (with some fantastic stories about the history of the magazine, and cake!) and another edition of the Character Deathmatch (where I finally made it out of the first round, so yay for me! and congratulations to Barb Galler Smith, who won the coveted wrestling belt of honour.) I enjoyed myself immensely. (Hope everyone else did, too!)

Then, I finished the next book in the Marie Jenner Mystery Series and sent it to my publisher. (I so wanted to have it done before the end of November, but missed by a couple of days. Drat!)

Then, I headed back to Calgary for a multi author reading event at Owl’s Nest Books, set up by Randy McCharles. Had a fantastic time, got to read my favourite passage from my own book, and had good weather (remember, Alberta in November. Especially Highway 2.) and made it home to a new contract for the second book, and Seeing the Light getting back on the Edmonton Journal’s bestsellers list! (That was a seriously good day.)

THEN I made all the final arrangements for going to Winnipeg on January 7th for the  Chiaroscuro Reading Series event. I’m stoked about this, in spite of the fact that it’s Winnipeg. In January… The best part will be seeing all my Winnipeg friends, including Chad Ginther and Sherry Peters.

So now, I”m just trying to dig out and find my house (my real house, not the hoarder’s mess I’m living in at this moment) before Christmas. Don’t think I’m going to do it, but that’s all right. I’ll just turn down the lights, have a rum and egg nog, and remember what a great year I just had!

Happy holidays everyone!