Excuses and Food (A twofer)

Well, I blew it. I’m involved in the A-z Blog Challenge, and managed to keep it together for 4 whole days, then fell off the blogging wagon.  Didn’t write anything.  Didn’t visit many.  Sigh.

My excuse?  Good heavens! I have so many I don’t know where to start.  My cold’s coming back, and kicking the crap out of me.  Might be that. (Or this could be allergies. I can’t tell anymore…) My sister called me and we talked for 2 1/4 hours.  HOURS!  Right in the middle of my writing time.  Now, she’s just had her final round of chemo (yay for that) and is feeling quite horrible (boo for THAT), and she wanted to talk to take her mind off all of that — so I wasn’t about to say “Nope, sorry Sis. Call me back when it’s more convenient for me.”  Boundaries only go so far, after all!

(And yes. I know.  That left me 21 3/4 hours.  I could have written something…. but I didn’t. There was grocery shopping and then a truly terrible hockey game, and then novel editing… You get the idea.)

To be honest, this is how it goes for me, when I’m trying to set up new habits. And I don’t do well at blogging.  I write something, feel very satisfied with myself, then forget about doing it for a month. (Or more)  So I guess it’s good that I didn’t just let this go.  Made my excuses and came back the next day, to try it again.

I did have a number of words chosen for The F Day.  I had fish (of the gold variety), feelings, and Facebook.  I also had food and Fall.  (Not falling down.  The season of Fall.  When the leaves, well, fall. And so on.)   I thought I was going to write about food (which explains the title) but after a few lines realized I was going down the “whining about winter” road again, so I won’t do that.

In fact, I don’t want to write about any of these things.  So, I’ve pulled my dictionary (and yes, I actually have an actual, paper dictionary) and I’m going to find words I don’t know, and share them with you.

For instance, there’s FANTASIA.  Now, I just know this word as the title of a Disney film — but it also means “a musical or other composition free in form and often in improvisatory style, or which is based on several familiar tunes.”  Cool.

FEBRILE: adj. of or relating to fever.

FELL: (believe it or not.) adj. 1. fierce, ruthless, cruel. 2 terrible, destructive. At (or) In one fell swoop. In a single (originally deadly) action or effort.  So now I know!

FIRST MERIDIAN: n. (Canadian) The north-south line, 97 degrees 27 minutes west, from which land in the prairies is surveyed.

FLEMING: 1. A native of medieval Flanders, a region in the SW part of the Low Countries…

FOUR-AND-A-HALF: Cdn (Que.) An apartment having two bedrooms, kitchen, livingroom, and bath.

FRANKUM: (Nfld) The hardened resin of a spruce tree, often used as chewing gum.

And the final entry: FYI abbr. For your information.

I already knew the last one, but it actually was the final entry for F in my dictionary.  SO appropriate!

The dictionary I use is The Canadian Oxford Compact Dictionary.

Have a great Thursday, and you’ll see me tomorrow! Promise!