Edmonton Launch–Variant Edition Comics

Had a blast at Variant Editions Comics, with the Edmonton launch of Drowning in Amber. I was lucky enough to have Chadwick Ginther join me, (He’s a Winnipeg writer and all round great guy, who is launching the 3rd in his Thunder Road Trilogy.)

Since pictures are sometimes better than words… Here you go!

Ec n Chad

Chadwick Ginther and me, entertaining the heck out of the crowd! (Actually, he’s looking at me like he can’t quite believe what I just said… which is probably a lot more normal than I’d like! Oh well!)

EC cake 02

The cupcake cake, plus the healthier snacks. (Those are boring. Focus on the cake!)


Brandon, one of the wonderful owners! Why is he not reading one of my books? (Oh, right. Comic book guy. I guess I’ll forgive him.)

Danica, another owner, manning the cash register.

Danica, another owner, manning the cash register.


The wonderful crowd!

Short version–we all had a great time!

A big thank you to Billie Milholland for taking the photos, and to Jessica for organizing everything! (It looked fabulous!) And an even bigger thank you to everyone who showed up to celebrate with me. I appreciate it more than I can possibly say!