Edmonton Comic Expo Wrap Up, and the BPAA awards

I had a great time at the Here We R booth with Marty Chan, SG Wong, and Billie Milholland. I think I read that there were 50,000 people who attended–I have to admit, it felt like every one of those 50,000 wandered past our booth!



First–the costumes. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I cannot believe the time and effort that everyone who dressed up put into their costumes. Seriously. Here’s my favourite. (All right, so maybe I’m just a bit biased!)

2015-09-27 13.41.31


Second, the panels. My thanks to Dave Gross for setting them up–and to Amber Scott, Barb Galler-Smith, Nicole Luiken, SG Wong, and Andrew Foley for making a panel series way too much fun! I hope everyone who attended thought they were interesting and informative… and for the young woman who asked about The Three Day Novel Contest, here it is!

Third, playing Cosplay Bingo. Serious fun! Marty Chan came up with the idea, and ran three bingos over the last two days of the Expo. (I couldn’t win, but it was fun to play along!)



For those of you who care, here is a link to the recipe for the cookies I made. Yes, I really used the recipe from a TV show. Want to know why? Because nearly everything Walking Dead is fantastic, that’s why! (Also, it was fun to say “You can have cookies. Lots of cookies…” to everyone who came up to our booth!)


Now, I’m decompressing, getting informed for the upcoming Federal election, and gearing up for my November launches. Re the launches: I’ll post them soon, once all “i”s have been dotted and “t”s crossed.

However, a small bit of coolness that happened a couple of weeks ago. Seeing the Light was up for a Book Publishers Association of Alberta award–for Best Speculative Fiction Book of 2015–and it won! Yay!


My publisher, Margaret Curelas of Tyche Books, has the plaque. I got the flowers! (Sorry, no photo… Sigh. But they were pretty!)