Do me a favour…

It’s award time, and I have a couple of places I’d like you to go, and vote for my novella — and for the anthology, Women of the Apocalypse.

First one:

This is something called “Critters Workshop” and is an on-line workshop/critique group for serious writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

If you don’t see Women of the Apocalypse on the list — add it to yours.  There is a space at the end for you to do this.  Publisher is Absolute Xpress, and add as the website.

Deadline is January 14th.

The second one is for the Auroras.

My story “Pawns Dreaming of Roses” and our anthology Women of the Apocalypse are both on the list for an Aurora, which is THE Canadian SF award.  I need some help getting these works to the short list.  This is where you come in.

Please go to this website, and fill out the form:

If you want to check out all the “hopefuls”, go to this site:

Just as long as you are a Canadian citizen, you can vote. And it doesn’t cost you a thing.  However, you can only vote once, so make it count!

And please, do it soon.  The deadline is February 5th, I believe.


Am working on the next project, so will update when I have extra words to spare for blogging.  Until then, though… Vote early, vote often!