Calgary Launch at Pages on Kensington

Had a wonderful time, even if it was Friday the 13th.  Maybe because it was!  Roxanne, Billie, Six Foot Ryan, and I had our launch at a fantastic bookstore in the Kensington area of Calgary called Pages on Kensington. (If you get a chance, go!  It is great!)

We were lucky enough to co-launch with Craig DiLouie, (The Great Planet Robbery) and we thank him for letting us join him in the celebrations.  The bookstore was full, everyone seemed to have a good time (so much so, no-one wanted to leave.  The long suffering sales people were trying to clean up around us!) and afterward, we all went out for food and drink at a nice little pub in the area.

All included: Randy McCharles, Val and Susan Forrest from the Imaginative Fiction Writers, Brian Hades and Margaret Curalas from Edge Publishing, and everyone not made of cardboard from the Apocalyptic Four.  (In other words, six foot Ryan hung out at the bookstore, scaring the heck out of the staff who showed up in the morning!) We ate excellent wings, drank excellent beer, and had a fine, fine evening.

To all of you who showed up to celebrate with us — thank you.  It was great to see everyone, and we look forward to getting back to Calgary again.