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A Hallowe’en party, a mean orange cat, and a ghost. Could Marie Jenner expect anything less?

Hearing Voices (Marie Jenner Mystery #5)

Marie Jenner just wants out.

Marie’s life has taken a bad turn. Marie’s shrink, Dr. Parkerson—who most definitely does not believe in ghosts—has committed her to a mental institution, deeming her a danger to herself and others.

As Marie desperately tries to talk her way out of the institution, ghosts start showing up in her room. Most just want to chat, but some of them believe that one of the hospital staff is killing patients. They want Marie to investigate, and they don’t care that she’s on lockdown or that she’s being given meds that are slowly taking away her ability to interact with them. They just want the deaths to stop.

When Dr. Parkerson’s name tops the suspect list, Marie realizes that she doesn’t just need to convince her shrink that she’s sane. She also has to figure out if Dr. Parkerson’s the killer . . . before Marie becomes the next victim.

Marie wants the nightmares to stop. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Book categories: Marie Jenner Mystery series