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A Hallowe’en party, a mean orange cat, and a ghost. Could Marie Jenner expect anything less?

Bourbon and Eggnog

A Christmas gift to you!

The 10th Circle Project was a shared-world ebook series in which I was involved, way back when. The series was noir – lots of crime with sci fi and the paranormal, just for flavor, set in the fictional cities of Hope and Glory.

Bourbon and Eggnog is a four story anthology about people you’d find wandering the streets of these two cities. Call them a holiday gift to you!

A word of warning. If you’re hoping for happiness and light, with good cheer and choirs singing carols, you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, if “Lethal Weapon” and “Black Christmas” are among your favorite Christmas movies, you are in for a treat!

So, pour yourself an eggnog (or maybe a bourbon neat with a beer chaser) and curl up with our Christmas collection – Hope and Glory style.

Available free forever: Bourbon and Eggnog, pdf