And here are the forgotten updates!

Well.  Sometimes a person can be fairly absentminded when life gets in the way, can’t they?

Brent Knowles was good enough to review “Women of the Apocalypse” a while ago.  Here’s the link, and thanks Brent.  Hope The Writers of the Future Workshop in LA was fantastic!  (And here’s where the envy seeps in… you lucky dog, you!)

My interview with Eileen Bell of 630 CHED was a laugh riot!  She was tons of fun, and we giggled through most of the 20 minutes.  The strange thing was the other names we shared.  Donald — my dad’s name and (if I remember correctly) her dad’s.  Mary — her middle name, and my grandmother’s name.  And that our families both came from Ontario.  I inadvertently fed her mis information about the number of Eileen Bells on Facebook, though.  There are only ten or so… Maybe all the rest changed their names when they saw who was in the same “name club” as them!  None the less, thanks a ton, Eileen.  It was great fun!

And, the Apocalyptic Four will be hitting the road again.  In September, we will have a table at the Festival of Arts, which is being put on by Alternative Trends Magazine in Edmonton.  September 18, at the old Hudson’s Bay Building (now home to the U of A).

And, sometime later in September, we will be at Indigos in South Edmonton Common for a book signing.  Yay!  Will post the date and time when it’s been finalized.

There.  Updates done, I think.

Off to exercise and write and stretch and write and eat well.  And, of course, write.  It’s so nice to be back at it again!