And… Haunting the Haunted is launched!

It’s November 1st, and Haunting the Haunted is officially out in the world. Yay!

On a Best sellers list! How nice is that?

I had two on the ground launches–one in Calgary and one in Edmonton, and they both went wonderfully! Thank you so much everyone who came out. It was great to see you all!

And yes! I’m in costume!!! I hardly ever dress like this (anymore, ha ha!)

I’m so glad my books launch at the end of October. Gives me a chance to dress up as one of my ghosts. This time, I’m Ruby. And yes, the only thing that changed was the apron! (I’m thinking of keeping them both..).

The Calgary launch was on October 28th, the online launch was the 29th, and the Edmonton launch was October 30th. I have to tell you, I was tired on Hallowe’en! Luckily, the kids stopped dropping by at 8:30, so I had an early night. But now, I’m ready for…

More writing! I have to finish book 7 in the series but I’m in pretty good shape, writing wise. Just have to buckle down and get it done. Luckily, it’s cold outside, so I’m not going anywhere but to my desk. In my “writing clothes.” (Read pyjamas!)

The only reason I have to leave my house is for book launches. Lots of my friends are launching in November, so I will have to change to street clothes, but that’s okay. They’re all worth it!

Check Audreys Books for a listing of launches. I’ll be at lots of them in the next couple of weeks, so if you see me, say hi! (And I’ll be doing a book signing myself. November 9th at noon. There will be treats. Just so you know!)

All right, I guess that’s enough for now. Well, except for a wonderful review, from OnSpec! A big thank you to them! I appreciate it more than I can say!

All right, now I’m really going to go. I have writing to do, after all!