About the Bookbub ad…


I’ve been away for a while, because I was busy writing. I finished Book 5 in the Marie Jenner Mystery Series. (tentatively called Hearing the Voices) and then while it was with the editor, I writing started Book 6. (No title for that one yet. Sorry!)

However, this weekend past, I had a very interesting thing happen. My publisher, Tyche Books Ltd, got Seeing the Light, the first in my series, into a Bookbub ad. First time ever for me, so I really did not know what to expect.

Now, this was the “International” ad, which is seen in the UK, Canada, and Australia. (Not the big one, which is shown in he United States, and gets a much higher return.) However…

I had the honour of seeing my book with a Bestseller banner–for three days running!

And I got to see it on various Bestseller lists on Amazon!

I love this one! This is the Mystery & Thriller section! ALL the mysteries & thrillers! (from the .ca site.)

And then, seeing those wonderful #1s! (This was a late screen shot. Earlier on the weekend, they were all #1. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and actually checked to make certain that I hadn’t punched in someone else’s book by mistake!) The best the book did was #21 on the Paid in Kindle Store list on the Canadian site. Just a few more sales, and it would have made it to the top twenty. (I had my fingers crossed, but it didn’t help.)

It also was placed on the “Movers and Shakers” list for a day, so even more of those oh so important algorithms were working for the book. At least for one day.

It was a wonderful weekend, and I really didn’t do a thing but celebrate and learn, finally, how to take screen shots. (Oh, and compulsively refresh all the Amazon sites for three whole days. Which was a bit of fun in itself, to be honest.)

So, are Bookbub ads worth it? Right now I’d say yes, but this isn’t going to be much more than a “so I got to try this neat thing” entry. Let me take a few days and determine how this will help me in my career in the short and the long term, and I’ll post what I figure out. But right now, I’m just going to bask in the glow that is the Amazon Bestseller banner.