A Taste of Local Authors and more

I’ve been hard at work on the edits for “Dying on Second,” but have had a bit of time to get out in the world, too. Not much, mind you, because, well, the Oilers… which reminds me, now that they’re out, I have to change my “About” page. (Didn’t want to do it before, because of the whole superstition thing. Sigh.)

The next event I am participating in is “A Taste of Local Authors” at Owl’s Nest Books on May 16th. A bunch of us will be reading, so if you’d like to meet a group of honest to goodness authors out in the wild, drop by! I’ve heard there will be treats and live music. What more could you want?

On June 2nd, I will be at Chapters Strathcona  in Edmonton. Yay! Another Edmonton gig! I’m so happy! So if you want a copy of my books, or would just like to chat, drop by and say hi!

Other than that, I’m fixing up my yard (if it would just quit raining) and am hard at work on the outline for Book 5. Keeping myself busy, which is always the best way to be!