A is for — Auroras

That would be the Canadian science fiction/fantasy award, which my Women of the Apocalypse compatriots and I had the honour of winning last year.

Actually, we won two.  One for the anthology, and one for my novella, “Pawns Dreaming of Roses.”  Here’s a link to a post I wrote after we won.  It explains better than I could now how it was.

A brief explanation of the Aurora Award (taken from the Aurora website): “This is the official design made by Frank Johnson of Edmonton. The base is of Canadian Maple; the metal pieces are of Canadian Aluminum; the design is evocative of the Aurora Borealis (“the Northern Lights”); the Canadian Maple Leaf can be seen through the intersection of the three metal pieces and when looked down on from the top the design of the three pieces make the letters S and F.”

I met Frank last year, and was lucky enough to see his workshop.  The man still makes every award by hand!  Very very cool!

Here’s a link to the Auroras, and remember!  If you live in Canada, you have until the end of April to vote your favourite Canadian novels, short stories, magazines, and songs(!) onto the short list.  Oh, poetry too.  But if any of you read my last post, you KNOW that will be one I’ll NEVER try for!



6 thoughts on “A is for — Auroras

  1. admin Post author

    Hi Laura! Welcome, and thank you. It was an very interesting journey, I must say. Loved loved LOVED your thank you letter to your character! That was wonderful! (And like I said, something I just might do with my own cranky characters.) Do you think it would make them act better? (Probably not. And I’m glad. No fun there!)

  2. 2mara

    OH wow! What an honor. I am fascinated by the Aurora Borealis–what a beautiful representation.

    Definitely a great A

  3. admin Post author

    They are beautiful awards — and look fantastic from any angle. If you get a chance to see one (really) check it out. And thank you! I thought it was a pretty good A myself, ha ha!

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