2 nominations, 2 blogs, and a cover!

It’s been busy here at casa de 2nd draft. (Yep. Working hard at the 2nd draft of the 2nd book in the Seeing the Light Series! So much fun… Sigh)


Our latest anthology, The Puzzle Box, was nominated for the Aurora Awards! Actually, it was nominated four times — three for stories in the anthology, and one for the anthology itself. You have to buy a membership to vote — but here’s the thing. With the membership you get free copies of all the nominated works! What a deal, eh? So buy a membership, dive into some fantastic Canadian writing — and if you want, vote for my story (Angela and Her Three Wishes) and The Puzzle Box!

My thanks to Susan MacGregor for the great interview on collaboration (with Billie Milholland and Ryan McFadden), and to and Susan Toy  for recommending The Puzzle Box! Loving the Susans!

And… Here’s the cover for my upcoming novel. “Seeing the Light,” with Tyche Books. Yay!! Looks like the launch will be Hallowe’enish, 2014, in Edmonton. (That’s just to start. Gotta give a little love to the hometown, after all!) Watch for updates…

seeing the light cover 1