So, how did the Edmonton launch go?

Mom and Glen

My mom. I made her wait for a copy, just like everyone else!

Janice and I

Janice MacDonald. Oh yeah, and me!

Me yakking

The reading went well. Apparently, you couldn’t see my hands shaking!

Publisher and books

My marvelous publisher, Margaret Curelas, with my books.


Harold, on his phone

My husband, caught on the phone. I KNEW he wasn’t hanging on my every word!

In a word, wonderfully!

Audreys Bookstore, in downtown Edmonton, was kind enough to squeeze in my launch on Tuesday. I say squeeze in, because it seemed that they were doing a launch nearly every night these past couple of months. And they weren’t all relative newcomers like me. No, got some heavy hitters in to entrance the masses.

Originally, I wanted the launch for the end of October. You know, since I have a ghost or two in my book, I thought I’d catch Halloween and all that, but they were booked solid. Except for October 28th.

“I’ll take it!” I cried.

All right, so it was one day before my official release date. I could make this work! It would be fantastic!

“Are you sure?”

Now, this was done via email, but I could feel the hesitation in the email’s tone. I was missing something. Something big.

I checked if the Oilers were playing that night, but I was free and clear in that regard. What could possibly be the problem?

“Do you really want to launch the same night that David Suzuki is in town?”


Oh wow. The heaviest of the heavy hitters. i waved goodbye to the 28th with many a wishful glance, and chose November 4th.

November is a touchy month in Edmonton, weather-wise. Basically, you pick your date and take your chances. But it’s been unseasonably warm here, so it was starting to look like I’d picked a decent date.

Until it started to rain.

Rain in November. In Edmonton. All the temperature had to do was slip anywhere below zero, and the streets would turn into skating rinks, and I would be hooped.

I have never watched the Weather Channel so compulsively as I did that day, I must admit. The temperature hovered at three degrees. A couple of times, it hit two. And then, a miracle happened. It started to climb, and the rain stopped. (Mostly. There was just enough water in the air for me to have to worry about my hair getting REALLY big for the launch.) It looked like it was a go.

That’s when I realized the Oilers were playing THAT night. And then I let my husband use his favourite shortcut to get downtown…

Long story short, my husband and I hit such bad traffic that I was late for my own prelaunch dinner–but after that, it was all clover.

Lots of wonderful people showed up to share the celebration of my first “on my own” novel. The reading went well. some people even suggested that I should have read more. Really! The books flew off the shelves, and I only spelled one person’s name wrong, when I was signing. (Note to self. Wait until the person has STOPPED spelling the name out loud before you start to write it down.) And, some of my local writing heroes showed up to help me celebrate, which was fantastic!

My husband and I went home and gorged on leftover mini cupcakes, and declared the event a total success.

“What happens next?” he asked.

“I finish the next one,” I said. “And then we do it all over again, next year.”

“All right,” he said. “You get on that. I’m going to bed, though. That was exhausting.”

You said a mouthful, Big Guy!

I had some wonderful people taking photos for me, so here are a couple of my favourites. Thanks to Janice MacDonald for these photos.