I held a book launch, and a ball game broke out!

The launch in Edmonton is over–and what a lot of fun it was! We had Cracker Jacks, and Big League Chew.

And Popcorn!


And books. 


With softball coordinated bookmarks.









And, of course, a little batting competition.


Wait, what???






And Rookie Cards…









A couple of the batting competition winners…




And singing for the birthday guy…





And of course, people hanging out at the scene of the crime…

At 2nd base… on Diamond 2… at John Fry Park.

That’s right. I held the launch for Dying on Second at a ball diamond at John Fry Park. in Edmonton. Hey, if you write a paranormal mystery about softball, you have to hold the launch at a ball diamond. Don’t you?

Yes. Yes you do.

And it was a ton of fun! Now, we didn’t actually place a game of ball, it was more a batting competition (to see who could hit a ball closest to the scene of the crime) but still. It was really wonderful how many people came out to celebrate with me. (I’m hoping someone caught a photo that caught some of the crowd, and if they send it to me, I’ll post it.)

I’ll be posting all the Rookie cards that were taken, just in case anyone wants to have a copy of theirs. (And some of them are absolutely adorable!) But I have to collect them all first.

So, for now, here’s a big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated the launch of my fourth book in the Marie Jenner Mystery Series.

Thanks to Margaret Curelas, who made the trip to Edmonton to help me celebrate book 4. (She looks good as a rookie, doesn’t she?)

A special thanks to my daughter Jess, who kept me sane and on course for the whole day (!) and to the Gombos family for lending me all the ball gear so that the rookie cards and the batting competition went off without a hitch. (Al Gombos was the one who had the birthday, and since he actually read my books and came to my launch, I figured we should sing  “Happy birthday” to him. So we did!)

And to Billie Milholland, who took a lot of the pictures. Thank you! They look great!

When I’m back from Bouchercon, I’ll post the Rookie cards. But not yet…

Boucheron first!