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How we ended up here: the Stalking the Dead cover

Honestly, it all started with a red door. As I was writing the third book…

WWC, a new cover, and a new head shot!

When Words Collide--a Calgary staple for both writers and readers--is over for another year. Had…

When Words Collide, 2016

I've been gone a long time, what with writing and editing and re-editing and whatnot.…

About the Author

Photo by: Ryan Parker of PK Photography Photo by: Ryan Parker of PK Photography

My debut paranormal mystery, Seeing the Light  (2014)  won the BPAA award for Best Speculative Fiction Book of the Year, and was shortlisted for the Bony Blythe Award for Light Mystery. The second book in the series, Drowning in Amber, was nominated for an Aurora Award for best novel. The third, Stalking the Dead, will be out in 2016. In my spare time (!) I edit for On Spec, The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic.